Artist Statement


I first discovered my love for glass art more than 20 years ago when a good friend gave me a beautiful fused glass platter as a Christmas present. It inspired me to learn the craft, so I researched the techniques, tools and equipment necessary for

glass fusing and began my journey exploring the endless creative

possibilities that working with fused glass offers. Before long, I

was selling my work in gift shops, galleries, juried art shows and

private shows acrossthe Southeast. Although I am "self-taught" in

the technique of glass fusing, I received formal art training as a
fine arts major at
University of Tennessee from 1977-1980. My

early training served as a helpful springboard, enabling me to intuitively create mood and movement through design and color. The dynamic play of color and light through glass inspires my work.  My use of color, form and texture to create mood and movement makes it unique.